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Everyone likes a good deal. Why not share some of the excellent deals you'll find on our site with your friends and earn $50 cash. PLUS up to an additional $50 if they purchase a deal. Simply enter your details and your friends email addresses using the form below and relax.

Terms and conditions

  • Why should I recommend a friend to Exodus Deals?
    Some offers are just too good to keep to yourself and we all know that most of the time our friends ask us where we got such a great deal from. Well this is your chance to share this with your friends. Also, you know your friends better than we do, so its probably best for you to pass on the news. Not only will your friend thank you, but we will too with a generous $5 for every 5 friends that just subscribe to our offers at; they don't have to buy anything for you to get some money. But the best part is, if they do buy something within 6 months, we'll give you $10! (up to a maximum of $50) We think that's pretty reasonable so make sure you let us know of any friends you think would enjoy the same great deals you have access to. There is a maximum value of $50 for referring. However, that doesn't mean if you go over 50 we wont spot it. We have some amazing special deals, offers and gifts for our most exclusive referrers but you have to get over 50 friends to join up before we can tell you about that.

  • How can I refer a friend to Exodus Deals?
    Simple, just complete the form above by adding your name, your email address and the email addresses of your friends, you can complete this form as many times as you like and we will then send an email to your friends on your behalf asking them to come and join us.

  • I haven't received my reward credit!
    Firstly, your friends need to sign up, then, once we have 5 friends listed in our database, we'll email you the great news that you have got yourself $5. We will do this within 30 days of receiving your 5th friend and we'll do this until you have reached the maximum limit of 50 friends.

  • Is there a time-limit for referring friends?
    Simply put, no. You can refer as many friends as you like for as long as you like and still earn. You don't have to refer 5 friends within a set time limit to benefit from the offer.

  • How do you pay me?
    We will make a transfer payment for you.

How does this work?

  1. Enter your details
  2. Enter the email addresses of your friends
  3. For every 5 friends that sign up we'll give you $5!
  4. If your friend purchases we'll send you $10!
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The more emails you enter the more you earn! Simply fill the form in again if there isn't enough room for all your friends - it's that easy!