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Patong is arguably the most famous beach resort on Phuket. It has a wide variety of activities and nightlife which makes Patong an ideal place to play during the day and party at night. As the evening dawns, the town begins its bustling nightlife which includes hundreds of restaurants, bars, GoGo Bars and of course disco's. The nightlife is mostly centred around Soi Bangla (Bangla Road) but don't worry however there are quiet parts of town for you to enjoy. Visitors looking for the stereo-typical 'Exotic East' might not find it here; the hot streets, neon flashing lights and hedonistic atmosphere of Patong can be overwhelming if you are not used to it. The key to enjoying it to its full is to just pace yourself. Make sure you drink lots of water and learn the meaning of 'Mai pen rai' which roughly translated means 'Don't worry, don't mention it, or don't worry be happy'.

Things to do and see

Paradise Beach - Around 5km south of Patong Southern Beach Road, Paradise Beach is hidden away on the very tip of South Patong Bay. It has clear blue water and powdery white sand. The views from here are simply beautiful and the snorkelling is a must. The restaurant here serves Thai and Western food for you to enjoy so you can simply stay and relax.

Suwan Khiri Wong Temple (Patong Temple) - Where there's a temple there's a temple community and in the area around the temple you will see older houses and a local typical thai community. If you wake early here, you may catch a glimpse of the monks as they walk along the road from the temple passing through the older part of Patong. Nearby is a little daily street market selling veg, fresh fish and meat. It usually begins at dawn and is generally finished by 9am.

Patong Don't Miss

Patong Beach - If you are looking for the classic picture postcard Thai Beach then look no further than Patong Beach. By day, this stunningly beautiful beach is awash with locals and visitors sunning themselves laid on golden stretches of sand. Others swim in crystal clear waters or snorkel. Some windsurf, engage in water sports and generally have masses of fun, something Patong Beach has in abundance.

Patong is also one of the widest beaches of Phuket, adorned with a row of coconut, half-flower, palm and tropical almond trees separating it form the road beyond. There is a selection of restaurants and eateries for you to choose from with food from all over the world on offer.

If it's shopping you are after then look no further than Patong Beach either. It literally has everything you want form a tourist destination. Then when the sun sets, the place comes alive with party goers seeking the world famous nightlife of Patong Beach and Bangla Road.


Many travellers to Phuket head for Patong Beach which has a stunning array of the well known Thai nightlife in great abundance. Nowhere else, perhaps in the world, will your senses be filled with a spectacular and dazzling display of light, sound and taste.

Patong has a reputation as a party hotspot. This is where you find Go-go bars, ladyboy cabaret shows, clubs, live bands and international DJs. Thailand's, and more importantly Patong's, nightlife scene is a 'must see' for any visitor. Although perhaps not as family orientate as many other locations, the sheer draw of immersing yourself here if only for a night is overwhelming.

Bangla Road is Patong infamous party scene that spills out from the clubs and into the street. The road, which is closed to traffic in the evening, also has street performances and are common on most nights, making tying to dodge the leaflet distributors, street vendors and show touts difficult to avoid, but it is all part of the fun.