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Pattaya is permanently switched on and a great deal of fun. This is a stunning and vibrant coastal city which has attracted large numbers of visitors for over 30 years. From sunrise to sunset, Pattaya’s golden beaches are teeming with life. You can indulge in a variety of activities including water sports and after dark, the action shifts to the streets, as visitors pass through its electrified atmosphere. Apart from water sports and nightlife, Pattaya offers a number of endless possibilities for accommodation and entertainment. Whether a couple, a family or business traveller, Pattaya has something waiting for you. Less than 150km from Bangkok, it is the closest of Thailand's major beach resorts to the capital city.

Things to do and see

Walking Street (South Pattaya) - Walking Street in Pattaya is a cacophony of and are quite unlike anything else you'll find in Thailand. Many other towns or cities claim to have their own version of Walking Street, but nothing comes close to this menagerie of 500 metres of unadulterated fun. It takes its name from the fact that it is closed completely to vehicles after 6pm. Almost all of the building are nightclubs, bars, restaurants; so much so that during the day, the street is almost deserted and nearly everything is shut. However, after 6pm, the street becomes alive with neon lights, pounding music, food smells, street performers and party goers from around the world.

Sanctuary of Truth - This stunning and amazing teak structure tells of the importance of religion, philosophy and art and how its has all played a major part in human development and how neglecting morality and spiritual contentment in the pursuit of materialism is not a good thing. It is simply beautiful and a grand demonstration of skill, particularly when you note that none of the wood used has been treated or protected. Therefore, as one section is completed, another has succumbed to the tropical weather conditions and must be replaced.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden - The gardens of Nong Nooch are bursting with flowers displays and landscaped gardens. The team responsible for this dazzling Botanical Garden repeatedly win international awards for design which includes a 17th-century-French-style garden, a recreation of Stonehenge, topiary displays and those created only with cacti, bonsais and tropical palms. This is also the home of over 600 native and hybrid species of orchid, with regular displays of classic Thai dancing, boxing and drumming to keep visitors entertained throughout their visit.

Pattaya Don't Miss

Pattaya Floating Market - Well known as the “Four Regions Floating Market”, this stunning 100,000sqm development represents the four major areas of Thailand – The North, Northeast, Central and Southern Thailand. This all comes together in the form of shops and stalls selling a wide variety of souvenirs, fruit, foods, creative art, crafts, and clothing. Here you will also find an array of cultural shows and demonstrations. There are over 100 vendors here and some float, selling their wares from traditional thai market boats and canoes. The others are built into a very sturdy stilted village, covered with meandering walkways and strong bridges connecting them together to create this unique environment. A delight for any visitor.

Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

The largest stone engraving of Buddha in the world looking down on you from the side of limestone hill is a very humbling experience. Etched with a laser into the side of what used to be a resource for the construction industry, the 109-metre-high image was then marked out in gold. It was completed in 1996 to mark the 50th anniversary of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s accession to the throne and has since become a popular attraction for Thais and foreign visitors alike. It serves as the focal point to a number of other attractions in the immediate area, such as its reservoir and scenic beauty, commonly known as Silverlake.


The nightlife in Pattaya has, and deserves, an international reputation for being carefree and fun. Visitors flock here to indulge and immerse themselves in the entertainment and for good reason. The reason is, and it cannot be denied, that Pattaya is the place to go for an exceptionally good time!

Everywhere in Pattaya you will find some sort of nightlife happening, whether it’s the typical thai gogo bars, live music and rock bands, international DJs performing their sets, cabaret shows, parties, or simply having a quiet drink and meal with family.

In some areas, the nighttime entertainment is family-friendly, although it is fair to state that most are not. Variety though is key and they have it here in abundance so you will find something for everyone with very different kinds of venues found within a very short walking distance from each other; often on the same street.