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Phuket is the perfect tropical paradise and one of Thailand's most popular destinations. With year round sunshine and temperatures between 25°c - 33°c, outstanding beaches, sparkling azure waters and glistening islands off-shore,it is little wonder Condé Nast named Phuket as one of the Top 3 Best Island Destinations and we decided to settle here to start our resort collection.

Awe-inspiring scenery, breathtaking sunsets, rocky bays, luscious mangroves and verdant tropical rainforests beckon. Phuket offers high-end golf courses, water sports, island hopping and inland adventures - not to mention the diverse shopping, multiplex cinemas, the indulgent spas, the divine restaurants, intriguing local street food and a vibrant nightlife.

Things to do and see

Patong Beach - This is where all of Phuket's action takes place. It is the most visited spot on Phuket has just everything a tourist would look for. This 3km long white sand beach is packed with hotels, restaurants, bars and shops. There is also the standard beach shops too for surfing, snorkelling, swimming and more. Patong is world-famous for its nightlife, which some say might rival the nightlife found in Pattaya.

Phuket FantaSea - Phuket FantaSea is by far one of Phuket’s, if not the world's, most intriguing theme parks and has quickly become a very popular tourist destination. Promising its visitor the ‘ultimate in nighttime entertainment on Phuket’, it is a ‘Las Vegas-style’ show inspired by Thailand’s rich and exotic heritage. A combination of technology, pyrotechnics, and tales of times gone by, it houses many attractions exploring Thailand’s myths, legends and history. Here you will find battle reenactments, magicians making elephants fly and the usual thai dancing.

Vegetarian Festival Phuket - During October, many Thais will only eat vegetarian food. However, it is in Phuket where all the action takes place. The original tradition of not eating meat, drinking alcohol, arguing, telling lies etc had its origins in China. These days though, visitors witness those, apparently possessed by the gods, sticking all sorts of sharp things into their tongues, their cheeks and anywhere else they choose. This, although a 'must see spectacle', is not for the feint hearted!

Phuket Don't Miss

Wat Chalong - There are 29 Buddhist monasteries in Phuket, Wat Chalong is the biggest and arguably most important of these. As with many thai temples, Wat Chalong is visually dazzling and colourful boasting 3 floors in the main building. The murals adorning the walls are extremely interesting. In the temple, there are statues of two monks - Luang Pho Chaem and Luang Pho Chuang. The monks were heavily associated with the temple and did a great deal of work treating the sick and injured with herbal medicines.

Many thai locals believe that these two monks have supernatural powers and come to pray to their images and receive their blessing on all life matters. At the temple you can also have your fortune told by the ‘Mor Doo’ and learn about your future from a set of bamboo sticks! Each stick has a number and once you shake the sticks trapped inside a container, one will fall out and the number corresponds to future events.

'The temple blocks' (pairs of wooden blocks) are intended to help people make important decisions. You ask a question and throw the blocks, how they land indicates your answer; if they show the same side the answer is ‘yes’). Although Wat Chalong is a traditional Thai temple, there are stalls around the temple where you can buy souvenirs.


Many travellers look for the sun, the beach and traditional venues to visit. In Phuket, you have all of that and more in great abundance.

Included with this, Phuket also has a reputation as a party hotspot and it is well deserved. Go-go bars, ladyboy cabaret shows, clubs, live bands and international DJs are thrown into an eclectic mix of delights for the visitor and makes Phuket a great example of Thailand's party scene; famous all over the world.

Most parts of Phuket have their own party scene, but the place to be after dark is the world famous Bangla Road in Patong. Its bright neon lights, loud music and crowds of young party-lovers are the epitome of the famous thai nightlife

If partying is not your scene, don't worry, you can always go and see the amazing Phuket FantaSea show.